Szarotki Mixed Use Development
Szczecin, Poland

The project’s irregular massing reflects strict light requirements of the Polish National Building Code. Minimum natural light exposure for interior spaces within the new building and constraints on maximum shading of adjoining properties define the overall angular shape of the structure.
The literal extension of the surrounding park onto the top of the 4 story retail base connects the development to the adjacent neighborhood, which currently lacks community oriented spaces. Restaurants open onto the elevated park extension and become the interface for the project in this quasi public zone.
The 4 story plinth consists of a parking level with lobbies and retail space on the ground floor, 2 stories of offices and 2 retail levels - one of which is located on top of the plinth. Above is a 19 story office tower. The development is meant to become the focus of commercial and social activity in this mostly residential area of the city.

Schematic Design completion date: February, 2010