Remote Research Units and Fly Fishing Facilities
Multiple Locations in South American Rain Forest

BTARCH+ was commissioned to design a series of facilities scattered in remote areas of the South American rain forest. Each site has its own dramatic scenery, which the designs will complement and highlight. Inspired by vernacular construction methods and local materials, building exteriors will embody the genus loci of their respective river banks. Contemporary interiors will stand in contrast to the rough hewn shells. The outposts combine exclusive fly fishing accommodations and research facilities, which will be used by an international conservation organization. Our primary design challenge in this project has been the inherent self-sufficiency and sustainability required of the buildings. There is no road access to the sites and any material sourced from the outside has to be flown in by helicopter or carried in by mules. Thus, the design relies almost exclusively on site-sourced materials. The bulk of the power will be generated on site as well. Waste will be processed so that the environmental impact on the surrounding area is negligible. Construction of the first of the three projects is scheduled to begin in May of 2018 and completed by early 2019.