Trekking Cabins Competition
Scattered Throughout Iceland

Competition Brief: The purpose of the competition is to develop standard shelters for Iceland’s trails where hikers can seek refuge during inclement weather. Efficiency, economy and sustainability are key requirements.
Concept – Mysterious, light emitting, charcoal clad volumes perched on the rugged Icelandic terrain are meant to serve as beacons for passing hikers. The seemingly impenetrable shell is clad in Douglass fir charred per Shou Sugi Ban method. It sits in juxtaposition to the lush Icelandic alpine tundra during daylight but more importantly provides a stark contrast to the light emanating from the building’s core during the more prevalent northern darkness. The volume consist of nine modules, which can be manufactured offsite and easily delivered and assembled on site. Only a single elevation is open to the exterior. That entry is infused with light to draw the hikers in. The puncture is reminiscent of local farm buildings covered on three sides by earth exposing only a single fully articulated entry elevation.