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We are a young and energetic firm. Our aesthetic is one of restraint, our spaces generous. Sometimes we are even witty and poetic. Most importantly we never forget that the construction process is an interdisciplinary endeavor. Established relationships with respected engineering firms and construction industry consultants anchor every project. These relationships allow for innovative design backed up by solid experience and a deep understanding of the overall process from first design meeting to commissioning.

The majority of our work is located within the five boroughs of New York City, and thus subject to the stringent review by the NYC Department of Buildings as well as in many cases by the NYC Landmarks Preservation Commission. We are well versed in the approvals process whether it involves a simple alteration or a change of occupancy application and have prepared extensive, detailed documentation of historical features for Landmarks submittals and public hearing presentations. A growing number of our projects are located outside of the city in Idaho, Connecticut and Upstate New York as well as overseas in Poland.