Emery Celli Binkerhoff Abady LLP Offices
Rockefeller Plaza
New York, New York

In this full floor build-out at Rockefeller Plaza, we opened up an East-West axis connecting the circulation and reception spaces to the magnificent Midtown views outside. The axis allows visitors as well as employees to easily orient themselves in this otherwise challenging space dominated by the building’s oversized service core. Rather than ignore the core’s prominence we chose to playfully de-emphasize it using the client’s collection of old Federal Reporter books. They were literally cut up and mounted at eye level to form an abstract 4 inch-high, 120 foot-long band. Furthermore, the soffit defining all open spaces around the core was lowered to accommodate ducting, equipment, and wiring, creating a strong transitional element highlighting the exposed, elevated slab ceilings of all perimeter offices.